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I'll outsource the Right Responses: Via Joemygod.com


“The tradition of fighting inside of the US Capitol is a strong, long, and storied, proud one. The United States government used to have battles inside of the Capitol. People used to literally fight with fisticuffs up and down the marble stairways of the Capitol building."


“We’ve often talked on the show about the reemergence of masculinity in society and how important it is, and we saw that in the Senate, of all places, where a man named Markwayne Mullin, who’s a senator from Oklahoma, decided to literally get up, take his ring off, and roll up his sleeves in preparation to brawl with a union boss. Amazing.

“And Bernie Sanders always has to come in and ruin everything. Dusty, old, schleppy, dirty, bum, socialist, Karl Marx, Bernie Sanders, had to go ruin it all. We were about to have our first brawl inside of the US Senate. And you know what? I would argue dueling is a good thing. Men standing up for their own honor and men having to face the consequences of their own words is a good thing.” – Newsmax host, podcaster, and multiple-times-fired serial plagiarist Benny Johnson.

“I totally unironically think that we would be a better, healthier country if physical fights broke out in Congress every once in a while. It would certainly make C-SPAN a lot more interesting to watch. And, look, this — this used to be pretty common back in the day. I mean, these guys used to come to blows kind of frequently.

Jason Isbell tweeted

"That guy might be tough- from his name you can clearly see he's two rednecks jammed together"

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Yes. There is alpha male precedence. A long, brutal attack with two accomplices. And less than 4 years later came the unCivil War.


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