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Since the GOP has already packed the court with right-wing extremists, it behooves Democrats to add four more justices and institute some kind of term limits. Roosevelt tried it, and faced opposition from his own party for it, sho it was never enacted, but given that the current composition of the Court plans, among other things, to dismantle all of the New Deal programs that weren't originally considered unconstitutional, it seems like a good idea to revisit those ideas. Of course, the only way for it to happen soon enough for it to prevent the catastrophe that is now taking shape is for Dems to pick up at least 2 and possibly 3 Senate seats in November, which the punditry tells us ain't gonna happen.

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With Manchin and Sinema around I have doubts about the court packing proposals, even though the GOP via the Federalist society and televangelists has been packing the federal courts for years.

Setting aside the abortion question temporarily and pushing the ERA will get to the gist of the issue. Are they for equal rights for women or not? And if they say 'No, because that'll lead to abortion", that's an open admission that abortion availability IS A RIGHTS issue.

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