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Ear candy for your holidays

Is democracy on its deathbed or just a sickbed?

Don't Be Crashin' on the Nearing Shore; these Sirens Sing for War

The Circular Firing Squad of the Party formerly known as Republican is Getting Exponentially Ugly

My Title Muse Is AWOL

Trump (again), Miller and a New Code of Ethics

The Pause that Refreshes

Verdicts Galore as the Old Dog starts running out of New Tricks

Other stuff is worth your consideration and all my links are sexy

Equal Rights - apparently - are popular. Who knew?

War Is Shit & Iron-minded leaders make the best shovels

Propaganda can only be tamed when the mainstream media does the thing

The Speaker, the Wannabe President, the Good ex-President, Campaigns and 'Now & Then'

A must-read correction

Things to Watch For: elections, ejections, congressional inspections, Tuberville rejections, no bank connections plus a war pause and a test of bribery laws

Rats on Sinking Ships Face Money Woes... and ... There's Something about Mikey J

‘All Animals Are Equal but Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others’

Questions every American oughta be asking... while we can

Stop making enemies out of people you don't know

Friday Refreshments & Crudites

Guns & Hosers

Only 6 things happened in the US yesterday

Seems like an endless week of Reruns, doesn't it?

Goons & Words & Shitty Deals while Mimi cracks wise about Nazis

All the Littlest Speakers and the Biggest Mouths offer little more than noise

Yesterday's videos convey a lot more than a thousand words

As the World Burns

No, you can't burn it down, you can't do the criming, you mustn't rocket like that or treat kids that way:

True Crime Reports, the Tiny Jim show and the likelihood of a slow and painful war

Waiting on the Mainstream Media to Report on Reality Used To Be A Safer Bet But I Still Have A Buck To Spare

The Good Actor has Words; the Bad Actors have Daggers

A Brief Update on the World's Newest War

You Aren't My Moms and Where's All This Liberty?

How do you solve a problem like cyclic Terror?

Go tell this on your stupid mountain

Liars & trials and frauds, oh my

Perhaps he declassified his mouth so he could legally sell us out before he surrenders again

Too many Noogies & Wedgies Spoil the Democracy

Where the current political theater stands today

Who won yesterday's event?

Speculation about the Pending Trials of the Ex-President is Protected Speech

Fulton County GA Indictments to Be Announced by midnight Eastern time

Welcome to The Peculiar Madness

Justice, Justice, Who's Got the Justice?

Auction Block Justice mocks us all

One of these Things is Not Like the Other Ones

Assorted news before The Big One

The Hill We Climb is overwhelming Sisyphus

Tis the season for Show Trials by the Actors whose Method is like the last Kindergarten play you attended

With all the pretend governmenting going on, is it time for a revolution?

A Boy of Summers and Hateful Bummers coming too soon too near to you

Random news bytes because...

Time to put some out to pasture.

A Nation of, by and for sale by the Right People

Of life as it is, of rape as it was and of great minds blaming the public for their attempts to legalize their perfidy

Gun is the Loneliest Number

Justice is the thing with fetters

Judge Buggery remains afoot

How many losses can a loser lose if a loser could lose more?

The Red Wave is just beginning but not like Trump's remora expected

Is your state one of the crazy ones?

An independent provides some Tennessee Whisking

What state politicians think about kids... plus a major breaking NSA fuckup

The micro picture sucks but not to worry, the macro picture could kill us all

Women can't have equal rights, Black people can be completely banned from schoolbooks and anarchy supersedes the Constitution now

It's as American as Mom, baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and hating Black people

Try the new improved McNews in edible bytes of new, improved corruptions

There's other IMPORTANT POLITICAL STUFF happening, yanno

Meme Tuesday is finis, then I'll write again

Instead of a run on beer, we got a flood of memes

[COPY] The moral arc needs patience and more bending

The moral arc needs patience and more bending

America: Use it or Lose it

Let's save something. I know, howzabout everything?

Notes from the New Imbecilities

All the things that Spark 'I don't care' in me

A premature exclamation by the very strange ex president isn't very satisfying, not even to a box of Kleenex

Ya Got Trouble right here in the GOP

Human Rights, a polarized country, a Woke Bank & Sir Mix-A-Lot provide fresh perspectives for your Thursday

Where secrecy lies, democracy dies

Too much news, condensed for your pleasure

Everyone is the enemy except wealthy white hetero men

We Must End the Conflicts

Silence emboldens

Censorship is the oldest cheapest trick of the Lazy


Reflections on good lives well lived in service to others

It's time to regain all that's been stolen

The Defense of the Deadly is a Lose-Lose for All

Down the Classified Rabbit Hole

Paper: the Final Cuts

Convictions and Indictments and Shootings, Oh My!

Democracy Fails when the Mainstream Media decides Celebrity Fluff requires more attention than another Government Coverup

A Musical Review and a few

Woking on Sunshine

Notes from the Abundant Atrociousness

What's it all about could very well be your all

With the House caucus fracas ended comes the first shots of the New Old wars

A Fair Comparison of Two Classified Documents Cases

In Search of the Universal Answers

House Obstruction Over? Not Quite

Looking for signs of Leadership from The 20 Anti-Kevins is like seeking a needle in a hay barn

2023, you better deliver the goods

The War on Christmas, v. 2022, Part 5 of 4

The War on Christmas, v. 2022, Part 4 of 4

The War on Christmas, v. 2022, Part 3 of 4

Just a shorty

The War on Christmas, v. 2022, Part 2 of 4

The War on Christmas, v. 2022, Part 1 of 4

Catching up on my coverage of the Big Wars and Little Men

Thanks for this Family, now and then ~ part 3