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Finally a Newsletter

It's the 20th anniversary of something today

The Pandemic Reveal Party has opened some eyes

The Pandemic Resistance Forces are Winning v2

The Pandemic Resistance Fighters are Winning

The Taliban updates its image

The Afghanistan Errors

The Libs are done being owned, sucker!

Open letter to a champion

Is it the Dragon or the Draggin' Ass?


Breaking the serious news is tough

Reflecting on the past and things ongoing

The Puzzle Pieces Keep Coming Together

A followup to some recent newsletters.

Insurrection #2: The Sickwill

Deepery Thotzing

The Days of Totally Mental Could be our Legacy for the 2020s

One moment they're there and the next they're gone

Days of Wonder are Useful

Rational Behavior: is it too boring?

Supremely Entitled White Guys vote to favor Supremely Entitled White Guys

Hot is not better than cold

Oh no, not this again!

An Open letter to MY Republican Senators

Global warming is a hoax

Bits and pieces

Have we arrived at the Buddhist culture?

The Critics of Critical Race Theory Are its Proof

Ultimately, events Drive the Narrative

I feel better after I Panned the demic and the scientists it rode in on.

Taking Things to their Logical Conclusions: is it just another Monopoly board game?

Two weeks without Me?

Mean Girl Roolz

Mama Let Your Babies Grow Up

Typhoid Tucker surrenders Americans in their War

April Fool's Day was supposed to be April First

Random thoughts do the trick on a wet Spring day.

Covid bombshells drop !

One small step for US Humans is achieved

Getting Back to the Garden

You have the Right to Remain Violent

How Much Do Your Risks Weigh?

Covid the Killer has many accomplices

I'm Clickbait Averse

Some Rights are pretty Righteous

A Short Respite, a Timeout is called

Let's not Make Pretend this stuff again

Of Mulch and Men

Progress is a Public Good when the Country is Endangered

Oof. Declaring a Mulligan here

Every Little Thing Matters

Ode To Some Fine Happy

Odes To the Semi-Serious

A PSA about the Capacity to Offend

Ode To A Serious

Ode to a Joy

Ode To a Joy

Every Rumor is Correct

The Medium is the Mustache: a Mission Statement

How Much Relief Will You Get?

Leading is Better than Bleeding

Looking Forward to March

Never Look Back Long

Missing their Marks

Much Ado About the Ongoing Doo-doo

Honor the Innocent Victims of the War

Light is Coming, Liquid Lags

Today's Special: Texas Tea

Frozen Fossil Fools

The Menu for the Week Ahead

What the Whirled Need Now Is

The Anti-American, Anti-Cop, Pro-Insurrection Cowards List

Blue Lives Ain't Having It

With Liberty for One

You have to try our PeachMint Surprise

The Viral Menu

O What A Tangled Web We Weave

The case against the Twice-Impeached President

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The Anti-American Death Squads Are Busier Than Ever

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